Bike Service Day

Friday > bike in dock so we had a day doing the girl thing! Shopping! Then over for a BBQ with Liz sister of our friend Ed. We had not met before but had heard much about each other so it was great to finally get together. It was her birthday also so had friends round to celebrate. Liz's cousin Greg was visiting so took full control of the excellent BBQ. We sipped on cocktails and chatted. Jill became louder as the evening progressed and even tried to convince us all she was related to Captain Cook (cook being her maiden name). This probably accounts for her bossy nature, so it's Captain Cook from now on. Greg kindly gave us a lift home. I could not get over his accent he sounded just like Kevin Costner so I had to say something and we all agreed we loved " Dances with Wolves". Captain Cook at this point suddenly exclaimed that he was much better in the film with the boy on the toilet! Lucy realised she was taking about the Amish film "Witness" with Harrison Ford in! Greg Aka Kevin was pleased to drop us off and flea from the scene before things really did get out of hand! I'm sure he must have laughed all the way back! So embarrassing!

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1. Nazriel wrote:
hi mindyi guess they move the desk aounrd randomly they did not do anything special just because i came in to take the this photo yes, its seems that there are more boys than girls but actually they were a whole bunch of girls sitting on the right side (which you can only see the an arm on the right side) but in another photo a group of the girls were sitting together there i am sure this is just a decision made by the kids them selves and not the school systems school is free for everyone, unless you pay for an expensive private one but this one is free . i was in a private one till 7th grade but they close and then the only available thing was the public school so i was only here for 2 years, then high school. (my parents saw i as a wimp and decided i was better of on something private while under better care )I wore the same uniform they are wearing here only that back then things were more strict see how some of them had their shirts off their pants? i wasnt allowed to be in the classroom if my shirt wasnt tucked in Also the girls see how their skirts are over the knee level? girls were forced to wear larger skirts and they could never be over the knees same things with haircuts, very strict on that the boys haircuts seems fine but one could easily be sent home if you had some haircut that didnt fall under regular standards or whatever that means to them. also the sitting arrangement back them was only one and you sat at the same spot every day in the same classroom, the students dont rotate from classroom to classrooms, the teachers do. the classroom have very little decoration because we have to share them with lower graders kids who come in the afternoon.In the morning the students from 4rth to 8th grade would use the classrooms in the afternoon students from kinder-garden till 3rd grade will use the same classrooms accordingly .there are about 1500 students in the mornings and my guess is that the same amount in the afternoon so that may sound like a small school but for the standard there this is quite a big school lots of kids travel from near towns to come here most of them walk or take "bolas" = free rides there is no cafeteria but the government has some sort of free meals now not sure how that runs tho i didn't have that when i was there. see they only have a few note books, maybe only two? most kids, because parents cant afford them, have to split one notebook and use it for two subjects, like math and history i remember my mom would give me a hard time if i jumped /skipped a page an or didn't use it. some really poor families only by one pencil and brake it into two pieces or more to give a piece to each of their kids but i guess thats more unlikely these days we get lots of help from the us and the us peace corps so very often they come and hand free pen and pencils i bring down packages my self and share them every time with my mother 's students and with students of some of my old teachers. sounds poor and honestly makes me want to cry but i wont exchange that education for even the best of school here in new york when i first came here, i lived in the bronx with a family and a few times i walked my little cousins to their classrooms and was amazed on how amazing decorated and beautiful they were compare to our bare walls down in the dr and that was just at some school in the bronx . see the few thins hanging in the walls? thats very likely made by the students them selves. anyways i think thats a bit too much cheers have to run amin*

Mon, January 6, 2014 @ 5:05 PM

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