Day 64 Quebec City > Saint Vallier

Rob arrives and brings a touch of England no choccy buttons no Whiskey but lots of rain. Yes rain rain rain . Good news is its a lot cooler! Had a day touring Quebec City yesterday including a good battlefield tour. No wonder they hate us! Today set off on the final stage of my journey. Crossing the St Lawrence to the south bank then heading north towards New Brunswick. The NE wind was almost gale force making the first couple if hours slow going. Then the rain came and boy did it come! Was I ever pleased to see Rob and I had to call it a day. Rob had his second experience of Quebec hospitality or should I say hostility! We tried to book Into a hotel but they said non cyclists. Yesterday we tried to get service in a restaurant but they refused to serve us food! You may think this is a complete exaggeration but come and see. They don't have Canadian wine in their stores just French! Bizarre people. They can't even speak French properly it sounds likea cross between first Nations and old French. It was even suggested to me that they couldn't understand my English because it wasn't proper English like the Americans speak. I felt like useing another special language to tell them what I thought if them but Rob had to hold me back! Looking forward to New Brunswick. Just need a weather break hopefully by the weekend we'll be through. Weather Rain Rain Rain cold Wind NE Road Kill 1 x skunk 1 x hotelier still reeling from head butt - only joking!

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1. John wrote:
Careful Jo. Some of them might track down your blog, then you'll be in REAL trouble! Keep up the humour. Hopefully you get some westerly winds.

Tue, June 26, 2012 @ 9:45 PM

2. bill g wrote:
I knew you'd love the Quebecers....A bit standoffish at first but once you gain their confidence: VOILA.
I suggest you sprinkle your French with a few local colloquial terms or names that might expose their sunny disposition such as FLQ,fleur-de-lis, Rene Levesque, Guy Lafeur and of course Rocket Richard.
You might afix a clothes peg to your nez to better affect the true dialect and begin your conversation with that famous de Gaulle slogan: Vive le Quebec libre !
That should get you into just about anyplace.
As I've discovered in France they truly dislike anything British so ditch the Union Jack apparel and do work on your American accent.
In truth most Quebecois are really neat people, their history and culture unique and interesting and the food most often superb..
FYI... floods in BC, snow in Banff and tornadoes in Saskatchewan.

Wed, June 27, 2012 @ 8:26 AM

3. Netty wrote:
Just thought you would like to know more about the mating call of the Turtle!
Quiet a complicated ritual...The female Turtles emits a low wavelength broadband signal, making them, in a sense, natural Wi-Fi hotspots.
The male picks up this signal packs his overnight case and sets off on his epic journey across the ocean which separates them. On meeting, as Turtles don’t blink, they engage in what biologists refer to as “team winking.”
If the male gets a piece of sand under its tongue, to rid itself of the obstruction it will slowly coat the particle in minerals until it grows large enough to expel. This solid, shiny, white substance is known as “ivory.” Which is then given to the female as a gift after mating has taken place.
The word “turtle” actually derives from the Greek word “Tortai,” which literally translates to “passion beast.”

I here Rob has arrived safely and you’re both enjoying your belated anniversary.

Wed, June 27, 2012 @ 9:16 AM

4. Viv wrote:
When you get back and go in the Cross Keys, you will see a big map of Canada with your route and various clip art stickers, recording things on the blog etc. I found a wonderfully grumpy looking man and he is firmly stuck down onto Quebec! Roll on New Brunswick, eh!

Wed, June 27, 2012 @ 9:59 AM

5. Jo wrote:
Netty - full marks - its the best one yet! I nearly wet myself - oh that's why my saddles wet! Poor Stuart!
The passion beast is snoring away!

Wed, June 27, 2012 @ 6:17 PM

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