Day 8 Lytton > Spencers Bridge > Merritt

Snowy start with lots of spray on highway 1 after the first 30 km I was ready to pull off the road and Rob had found an incredible breakfast stop at Spencers Bridge called The Pack House. We entered through the side door to find we were actually in a small but well stocked grocery store. I  asked the lovely lady if she could possibly make me a coffee and she directed us to the shop next door. When we finally walked in the correct side we were greeted by the same lady busy pouring out my coffee! Her other customers were a First Nations fellow called Issacc who was on his second beer of the day and a couple who were passing through the area call Linda McRae and her husband James. They have travelled Europe and Linda has song at many venues throughout the UK. She invited us to her next concert in Winnipeg. Just as we were leaving they gave us one of her C.d's called Flying Jenny cheers Linda my favourite track is - Roll on down followed closely by - Road to nowhere. The sun came out and the next 60km of stunning rolling country was my most enjoyable so far. There was a slight incident when I spotted two things rolling about on the road in the distance. As I approached Rob arrived in the car and just at the right time too. There were two first Nations having a drunken browl  on the road so we loaded the bike onto the car and edged passed. They were too drunk to bother us but made a few special waves at the car and then carried on with their dual. We stopped the night in Merritt. Home to a fantastic Chinese Restaurant called Tropico Spice we had an excellent meal and off to bed.  Rob having eyed up a golf course for the following day.

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1. Stn wrote:
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Sat, November 10, 2012 @ 6:54 AM

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