Day 62 Trois Rivière > Portneuf

Early start good breakfast and off to a good start. 11 km latter I left town another detour another bridge closed. Quebec is going through major changes – money no object road improvements! One would think they are syphoning off EEC funds! where does that money go France?! No point in stopping to buy groceries they just don’t like us! Sadly they live in a most idyllic place. I am now following the St Lawrence yes actually technically the Sea. Alas it would be like arriving in Fosdyke and saying your on the East coast! The Canadians are only happy if you bust another 1000 Km to Halifax then you can call yourself man! Today I reached the 5000 km mark and have decided to celebrate the occasion by giving my trusty steed a name. From now on he will only be referred to as Stuart. Stuart Pearce – my hero – best thighs in Britain – closely followed by Mason although pretty sure I can now give them both a run for their money! Anyway I shall ride Stuart with pride! Finished the day just 50 Km from Quebec City. After another 100 km day! Tired and hot but happy!
Weather hot hot hot mid 30’s again
Wind NE
Road kill 1x blackbird

June 21, 2012 12:00 am

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