Day 63 Portneuf > Quebec City

Ok simple beat the heat and set off at dawn. Simple! Big hills climbing the side of the escarpment then dropping back down to river level. Difficult 50 km but felt good as I approached Quebec City Center. Only 1 km to go and the road ahead closed once again. I followed the detour only to find it directed me onto the M40 motorway with police waiting to turn me round it was back to the drawing board. I retraced my route and the only possible way into Quebec was another 36Km back almost to where I started! 10 am now and the heat was on. I met the 3 guys from Vermont biking just for the week whom I had overtaken the day before. We chatted about taking a new route but there was no way around the hills and we all took it on the chin. The hills were so steep the paths along side were huge steps so no way I could push Stuart plus my trailer on them. Striped down to just biking knickers and a white T shirt I realized my wardrobe error when I staggered sweating profusly into the first hotel. My reflection in the reception mirror horrified me! I looked like an entry in a wet t-shirt competion black bra and knickers on full show! They hastily found me a room! 86 Km! Having a couple of days to tour the city – get some beauty theropy and chill’in out! Rob is on his way!
Weather Hot hot hotter
Wind N E
Road Kill – 1 x chipmunk

June 23, 2012 12:00 am

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