Day 64 Quebec City > Saint Vallier

Rob arrives and brings a touch of England no choccy buttons no
Whiskey but lots of rain. Yes rain rain rain . Good news is its a lot cooler! Had a day touring Quebec City yesterday including a good battlefield tour. No wonder they hate us! Today set off on the final stage of my journey. Crossing the St Lawrence to the south bank then heading north towards New Brunswick. The NE wind was almost gale force making the first couple if hours slow going. Then the rain came and boy did it come! Was I ever pleased to see Rob and I had to call it a day. Rob had his second experience of Quebec hospitality or should I say hostility! We tried to book Into a hotel but they said non cyclists. Yesterday we tried to get service in a restaurant but they refused to serve us food! You may think this is a complete exaggeration but come and see. They don’t have Canadian wine in their stores just French! Bizarre people. They can’t even speak French properly it sounds likea cross between first Nations and old French. It was even suggested to
me that they couldn’t understand my English because it wasn’t proper English like the Americans speak. I felt like useing another special language to tell them what I thought if them but Rob had to hold me back! Looking forward to New Brunswick. Just need a weather break hopefully by the weekend we’ll be through.
Weather Rain Rain Rain cold
Wind NE
Road Kill 1 x skunk 1 x hotelier still reeling from head butt – only joking!

June 26, 2012 12:00 am

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