Day 68 Grand Forks > Florenceville

Saturday set off with the sunrising and an incredible morning climbing for the first few km’s then dropping down to the Saint John river. crossed the river in Perth and continued on a scenic route described in my guide as flat good road – they lied! Not the first time and it will be the first thing I launch into the Atlantic! The road climbed the escarpment then dropped continually raising my hopes that this would end. The road became a cart track very patchy Tarmac – looked like a Price contracting job! Then the inevitable happened – twang and Stuart let out a huge sigh! One spoke broken and the day came to an end. The extreme heat added to my frustration and we loaded Stuart up and headed to town. Finally managing to find a bike shop willing to do the job. This is the Canada Day long weekend. So beggars can’t be choosers. Rob had to find his charm and try to restrain himself from hitting the guy! All I can say is the job was done. Even though the guy said Stuarts wheel is looking knackered and he couldn’t promise I’d make it! But there was no way I’d get a new wheel round here! Back to Florenceville for the night – French fry capital of the world! Home of the McCain family! Stuart in need of some lovin after a traumatic day!
Weather hot 35
Wind SE
Road kill 1x Racoon

June 30, 2012 12:00 am

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