Day 70/71/72 Southampton > Halifax (Nova Scotia)> Atlantic!

DAY 70 – Checked the route and decided to stay by the Saint John River all the way to Saint John a lot further but the only way through! The heat and the road prompted a change in plan. Not quite so many climbs this way. Amazed to find New Brunswick has sooo many trees and the mountains really do seem to continue right to the coast! Rob starting to regret his Canada suggestion!!! The heat really got to me today. I’m also having to keep out of the saddle going down hill and over bumpy ground coz Stuart can’t take any extra weight on his rear wheel. It’s like riding a bike with square wheels. I thought it was a frog croaking but it turned out to be Stu! Today is the Canada Day bank holiday and quite refreshing to see absolutely nothing open. It is lovely to think that the day is a family day and they don’t need to shop like we do. Anyway yes Charli phsyco really is top dollar Beckam is team USA in any case! Oops!

Weather – Hotter than my Ass!
Wind – W then E!!!!!
Road Kill 1 x Porcupine massive

DAY 71

Up with the sun and away we are going to crack the whip and go for it!
Down to Saint John not Canada’s prettiest town old buildings crowded out by new. After all we are talking docklands here. Lots of shipping and derelict buildings. But no time to stop and stare it was straight over to Nova Scotia today. A 76km crossing. I had a rest then back on Stuart and a great day peddling. Up the coast of Nova Scotia passing through shore lands then farmlands then more trees. Let’s not forget the trees. The roads were good but narrow in places. These guys are used to cyclists so a little more compassion given. A great day and all be it still a long way from Halifax but defiantly within striking distance!
Weather hot blue blue skies
Wind NW
Road kill 2 x porcupine 1 x deer 1 x chipmunk 1 x rabbit

DAY 72

Absolutely no sleep. Completely pumped up! Sun up
And on the road. Actually it was a long time before I saw the sun. The day was foggy and the atmosphere extremely humid. I cycled along feeling good but then a song just came into my head and I couldn’t shake it off all day. You
know when you have that happen your pretty close to cracking up! It was off course “West Virginia” and I could just picture the gang back home singing away as you did the night I left. Then I have to let you read the comments of Brad because he tells you exactly what happened next! I personally can’t remember! A chance meeting. My legs were gone and my heart too full I was lost in emotion and he saw me through. The next thing I knew I was stood in the Atlantic Stuart in my hands! I did this to prove to myself, to my family, to my friends and to cancer sufferers around the world that anything is possible you just got to have faith. Love to you all. Thank you for your help and for making the world a smaller place!

July 2, 2012 12:00 am

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