Day 65 Saint Vallier > Rivière du loup

Hey cheers guys great blogs. You guessed I was a little less than cheery! I have to say today has been a trial too. Rain, and gale force winds have hampered progress. The road is good passing through a combination of St Lawrence shores and scenery very similar to south Lincolnshire then climbing higher into countryside similar to Austria as I see the daunting Appalachian mountains waiting for me tomorrow when I take them on! Its New Brunswick and another time zone change just waiting for me! The good news is I have Rob with the car to dive into for a break. Stuart’s saddle is very damp! Hopefully better weather soon. Found very friendly hotel with great welcome for cyclists so will chill out at last. Tomorrow I have a recorded interview with BBC Lincolnshire. It will be aired – I think on this Friday prior to the Canada Day Weekend at about lunch time your time! Not sure they know how crazy I am – good job it’s recorded!
Weather Rain rain rain cold
Wind NE gale force
Road Kill couldn’t see spent most of the day trying to wipe my goggles! French Quebecian tried to reverse out of her drive over me! Guess she’s read my blog!

June 27, 2012 12:00 am

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