Day 66 Rivière du Loup > Edmundston

What a day! Started with BBC Lincolshire interview being aired on Monday – Melvyn Prior Show I think. Kind of crazy talking about Lincolnshire. Trying to keep my head down and only concentrate on the job in hand. Focused entirely on finishing now so difficult to talk about how I’ll feel if it actually happens!Interview over and on the road again. Very foggy down by the Saint Lawrence. Once I had climbed up to1200 ft during the first couple of hours I started to climb up through the clouds. Then the whole world opened up. The beautiful Appalachian mountains in all there glory. It was like being born again! The sun shone the road was good and I felt magnificent upon my trusty steed and clocking up the miles. Crossing the boarder into New Brunswick and my fourth time zone – Atlantic time only 4 hours between us now! Au revouir Quebec! Wecolme New Brunswick yippee!!!! New Brunswick had just opened a new motorway and before I could check the map I was on it without an exit for 15 Km . Robey panicked and tried to double back to warn me but too late for that I was already trucking on with the trucks. A police car coasted by slowly – then another lucky for me I think they realized I had nowhere else to go and let me through! Once I managed to leave the motorway I found a trail down a disused railway line and enjoyed the last few hours cross country riding! We had an almost awesome picnic of course not nearly as good as the Newarkers had provided but pretty good. Remember Robey is also a native Newarker and therefore qualifies as an awesome picnicker! He had earlier bought two fold out sun chairs red and white with the maple leaf on whilst I was busy with my radio interview. He now opened them up feeling this would clinch the best picnic prize but I’m afraid he was unable to wave flags flamboyantly enough to win! The day was long 120 Km but great fun and the most awesome ride yet! Topped with a win for Italia well done John Boy!
Weather Sun Sun Sunny
Wind N
Road Kill 1 x skunk 1 x frog

June 28, 2012 12:00 am

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