Day 67 Edmundston > south of Grand Falls

Sorry Cuz but woke up to a scorchio day. Big time head wind though. Made my way to Grand Falls. Very lovely town with – yes you probably guessed a big ass waterfall. It was approaching lunch time 10.30 am
So we sat on a deck and took in the sights. Grand Falls is a major potato
growing area and McCains have a factory here. Today was the start of there potato festival! There was a big top tent with bands playing and yep you’ve got it potatoes frying! The road ahead was tricky as the new motorway has just opened and it took awhile to make my way through town and then follow a track which was called the Trans Canada Way by the riverside towards the town of Perth. Robey managed to track me down and after having to climb over fallen trees and skirt muddy bogs he had found another way through! Tired and hot we called it a day. Back to a hotel in Grand Falls and we sat and drank wine watching a tremendous thunder storm pass through. Yes Ian it rains here too. Looking forward to slapping some fake and bake on you!
Weather hot and sticky!
Wind SE
Road Kill 1 x Racoon

June 29, 2012 12:00 am

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