Day 69 Florenceville > Southampton

Sunday happy Canada Day. Canada is 145 today and still looking pretty awesome. Cheers to Liz Styffe – I wore my diddle bopper head band with two Maple leaf flags on for most of the day!!!. 4.44am sunrise and on the road nooooooo only joking! But early bird I am which is good because oh boy I need to be! Once that sun gets up its roasting me. I stayed by the river not the quickest route but the trees gave good cover for the first couple of hours. I pass through Hartland and the longest covered bridge in the world. Rob suggested I stay on the road but I opted for a gravel river side route to avoid a big hill. I progressed with speed feeling very chuff with my choice. Just as the river swung East and the return to the road imminent I could smell smoke and then start to hear music playing ahead of me. Then the path ended and the bridge ahead had been ripped up. I looked round and I had cycled into a hippy camp with no way through. I turned Stuart and with dogs barking I rode like you could never imagine. I can’t remember how I got back down that track but I legs covered in chain grease and my body wet through with sweat I called Rob to say that I would be a little late as I had decided the hill route would be better after all! Back on the road Canada has been a joy with everyone shouting Happy Canada Day from their decks along the way. I met two long distance cyclists. One going to Quebec – Jerome and the other michelle touring New Brunswick. We chatted and they gave me advise on the road ahead. Michelle converted Stuarts Brooks saddle and they told me where there are some good bike shops ahead. Stuart is still poorly but I will go steady with him from now in! Finished the day at Southampton. I crossed the Saint John river here. Next time I see it I’ll be in Saint John on the coast of New Brunswick!
Weather sunny hot beautiful day Happy Birthday to a beautiful land
Wind W
Road kill 1x Racoon 1x coyote

July 1, 2012 12:00 am

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